What is wallet?

Wallet is a tool for managing private key, it keeps only all coupled private and public keys but not any tokens. Users sign their private key when doing transaction and this proves the user has outputs weight. All the transaction details will store in blocks. When using TFchain, Keystore, mnemonic words and private key are all wallets. Keystore has been encryption, but others are unencrypted without security. So users must noticing the confidentiality when using mnemonics and private key.

What is mnemonic words?

Mnemonics is another form of the private key, was first proposed by BIP39 proposal. It aims for helping users to memory the complex private key (64-bit hash). Mnemonics are usually made up of 12, 15, 18 or 21 words and all these words are from a lexicon. The words orders come from a certain algorithm, so users don’t need to worry that 12 random words can form an address. Although both mnemonics and Keystore are another expression of private key, the difference is mnemonic is unencrypted. Therefore, if someone gets the mnemonics, he can get your assets easily. Users must keep these 3 points when doing the backups: 1. Use of physical media as far as possible. For example, copy on a paper. Do not put screenshot or photos on a connected device, or it might be stealing by hackers; 2. Checkup many times the copied mnemonics. Once there are copied mistakes it will be difficult to find back; 3. Safekeeping the mnemonics in case it gets lost or stolen. PS:Users can reimport the mnemonics into TFcoin. The new password will create a new Keystore, this can revise the wallet password.

What is private key?

People usually say, the security of your tokens depend on the security of your private key. In the transaction, private key is a necessary signature to prove the asset ownership. The private key must always be kept safely. Once you tell another person, that means you give your asset to this guy. It differs from Keystore that encrypted strongly. Even the hackers get the Keystore, it will be hard to crack it. The private key produced and stored in the wallet is totally independent that do not need to connect blockchain or internet. The wallet address is calculated by keccak256 and then cut out the last 40 bits plus 0x. The format is 64 - bit hexadecimal hash string. Eg.56f759ece75f0ab1b783893cbe390288978d4d4ff24dd233245b4285fcc31cf6 PS:Users can import the private key into TFcoin and use the new password generate a new Keystore (and delate the old Keystore), this can revise the wallet password.

What is Keystore?

Keystore file is a kind of JSON to store private key. It takes user-defined password encryption for better protection. The level of protection depends on the password complexity. If a very simple password like 123456 that is totally unsecured. Users need to notice these two points: 1. Set the password as complete as possible to encrypt the Keystore; 2. Confirm to remember the password of Keystore. Once forget it, you can never use the Keystore and TFcoin cannot help to get it back. Here is a keystore pattern:{"version":3,"id":"b7467fcb-3c8b-41be-bccf-73d43a08c1b7","address":"540f18196da5a533fa36577 a81de55f0a2f4e751","Crypto":{"ciphertext":"78ed11b8b6bf29b00f52b42b8542df0e4a 6ac078e626af 7edcf885c3b68154a4","cipherparams":{"iv":"4516579601d96695fe30ace985a9066f"},"cipher":" aes -128-ctr","kdf":"scrypt","kdfparams":{"dklen":32,"salt":"6276cfda7d40872352c801db5871e5a 33 68a8 d0994cea39ed936760db78d1cdc", "n":1024,"r":8,"p":1},"mac":"d889a5dc609c3f312a41394c c47 640676d2612501a6f8c837ed5559815 8336db"}} PS:Keystore password is unique and unmodifiable. If you want to change the wallet password, you need to use the mnemonics or private key to re-import the wallet, and encrypt the new password to generate a new Keystore.

What is address?

The address is a 42-bit hexadecimal hash string beginning with 0x, generated by a public key (the public key is generated by an asymmetric encryption algorithm). For example: 0xc2d5ef1b5e6234c6bcbce87bb05d579c8e9d5720 If the wallet is a bank card, address is the bank card number.